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Rince - The Complete Irish Dancing Set
Rince - The Complete Irish Dancing Set
Artist: Rince
Code: ARRCD1407


Rince is a specially recorded CD for Irish dancers of all levels and is an essential tool for every Irish dance teacher. Popular dances including 'The Siege of Ennis', 'The High Caul Cap' and 'The Sweets of May' are included here as well as numerous other jigs, reels, polkas and set dances. Tempos to each dance are also included.

Track List
1. Light Jig: Paddy's Return / Biddy the Bold Wife (124)
2. Beginner's Reel: The Rakes of Mallow (124)
3. Treble Jig: The Setting Sun / A Visit to Ireland (78)
4. Slip Jig: Barney Brannigan (118)
5. Advanced Reel: The Longford Collector / The Donegal Reel (121)
6. The High Caul Cap Medley (Polka-Reels): Neil Gow's Farewell to Whiskey / The Sally Gardens / The Maid Behind the Bar / The Mason's Apron / Neil Gow's Farewell to Whiskey (122)
7. Set Dance: St. Patrick's Day (114)
8. Beginner's Hornpipe: The Cuckoo's Nest (85)
9. Set Dance: Blackbird (80)
10. Light Jigs: Trip To The Cottage / The Lilting Fisherman / Boys of the Town / A Trip To The Cottage (121)
11. Reels: Six Hand Medley: The Wise Maid / The Kilmaley Reel / Miss Monaghan (118)
12. Light Jigs: The Siege of Ennis Medley: Humours of Glendart / Hartigan's Fancy / Biddy the Bold Wife (123)
13. Hornpipes: Tailor's Twist / Spellane's Inspiration / Tom Miskelly's Fancy (62)
14. Beginner's Double Jigs: Hartigan's Fancy / The Cobbler (81)
15. Single Jigs: Gates Of Derry / Merrily Kiss The Quaker / Off She Goes (121)
16. Slip Jigs: Barney Brannigan / Rocky Road To Dublin (111)
17. Set Dance: Planxty Drury (76)
18. Polkas: My Love She's But A Lassie Yet / Finnegan's Wake / Old Bog Hole (124)
19. Jigs: Port Na Siamsa Medley: Behind the Bush in the Garden / The Humours of Ballyconnell Jig (123)
20. Reels: Sheehan's / Silver Spear (123)
21. Set Dance: King Of The Fairies (111)
22. The High Caul Cap Polkas: The Spanish Lady / Fionn's Wedding / The Heel & Toe Polka / The Girl I Left Behind Me (123)
23. Siamasa Beirte: Pearl O'Shaughnessy's Barndance (74)
24. Reels: The Fox on the Prowl / The Crock of Gold / The Merry Sisters / The Wise Maid (113)
25. Sweets Of May (117)
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